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Map locks up on Windows

Question asked by bparkerlatitudegeo on Dec 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2019 by frhone_Latitudegeo

Runtime version: 100.4 (issues were present in 100.3 as well)


Sometimes when using an app, the MapView control will lock up visually when the app is restored from a suspended state (minimized, lock screen, etc...) in Windows (UWP).  This is an intermittent issue that we have been able to reproduce with a simple Xamarin.Forms app that only has a MapView with a loaded webmap.

This is difficult to reproduce with a debugger attached so the easiest way to reproduce is to work with an app without a debugger.
1) Minimize the app
2) Maximize the app
3) Very quickly minimize the app again while the map is re-rendering


Intermittently, the map control will look like it has locked up, but the rest of the application will still be functional. This is easy to see if you use a tiled basemap as some of the tiles will not render in on restore.  You can sometimes get the map working again by doing another minimize/maximize.

While the map is locked up it is, in fact, still working as trying to pan the map then getting it to unlock using minimize/maximize will show that the map has panned. Click events are also still handled but the map coordinates correspond to where the map may have been panned to, not what is visually displayed.


This is a concerning issue for us as we have encountered this when people simply leave their computers locked.  When they come back they find they can't use the map.  Minimize/maximize doesn't always restore the visual map functionality.  We also can't expect our users to know that if the map locks up to do this.  We're worried that this could occur when our users are halfway through completing a task and be unable to proceed, which would mean they have to close/re-open and start over.


Has anyone encountered issues with the map locking up on UWP?  We're looking for some guidance in trying to resolve this issue.