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Why does my File Geodatabase Raster Catalog not show the rasters all the time?

Question asked by DMMotti on Dec 13, 2018
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I use a File Geodatabase Raster Catalog (unmanaged) to display the aerial images in arc map.

Normally it works perfect and fast.

But recently some problems occured. During the use of the ArcMap some parts of the images disappeared (not only some whole images but also some parts of images) and there was only the blank background. All the other layers (stored in FileGDB's) still worked perfectly. While continuing using the document, sometimes some other parts of the images disappeared. I tried to turn off and on the Layer and other things but it didn't help. The only thing I could do was to save the document, close and reopen it. Then all the images were shown again - until the next time of Disappearence. Sometimes I can work an hour without problems, sometimes only 5 min. The problem occurs in several map documents.


Thanks for your advice!


I use ArcGIS for Desktop