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Rasters added to Raster Dataset by Mosaic Tool Not Visible

Question asked by JesseD14 on Dec 12, 2018
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I have hundreds of TIFs (outside a geodatabase) that have been georeferenced and rectified.  The properties of these TIFS show 1 Band, Signed 8 Bit, No Data 16.  However, when looking at this image in ArcMap, the values range from 0 to 1.  Everytime I add these images to a Raster Dataset, the image disappears.  I've tried the convert from 1-8 Bit toggle. I've tried Copying the raster and forcing the bit depth in the properties to match the value range of 0-1, then creating a 1 bit raster dataset to load it into.  I've tried messing around with No Data as well as the symbology to show background value as black.  I've exhausted all ideas.  Please help!  I have attached an example of a TIF that I'm trying to add to a Raster Dataset.  I cannot use a Mosaic Dataset due to constraints of our custom web map.