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Portal logout Method

Question asked by on Dec 11, 2018

I am facing this issue in ArcGIS runtime latest Android SDK . Given below the issue details.

While user enters into the mapping part we load the map with portal content asynchronously then calling addoneloading listener. Now I have come across given below scenario to logout the portal . Once the user press logout button or closes the application it should logout from logged in portal credentials. I could not find any direct method (portal.logout) in Android sdk libraries. But the similar function is available in iOS sdk.  I request experts here to advice on this scenario.




Since I did not receive any reply , I am including more details .Please find below..... 

I will have to clear the portal session and refresh when user closes the application. So that  logout implementation would be implemented indirectly. I am trying given below pseudo code.


portal.setCredential -> null user name and null password


implement addCredentialChangedListener......

implement portal.adddoneloadinglistener .....


But getting given below error

"Cannot change portal credential after portal is loaded"


Please advise / help me on this issue