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How can I control the icons' size of the items in a toolPalette or buttonPalette?

Question asked by mario.damico on Dec 11, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2018 by mario.damico

I have build two toolPalette and I have added them to two different groups looking to the DAML file they have same attributes:


<group id="ImportTools" caption="Import tools" appearsOnAddInTab="false" condition="ImportSources_condition" keytip="IT">
<toolPalette refID="ImportSources_ToolPalette" size="large" />


<group id="IntersectionsManager" caption="Intersections Manager" appearsOnAddInTab="false" condition="EditableMapViewActive_condition" keytip="IM">
<toolPalette refID="IntersectionsManager_ToolPalette" size="large" />
<button refID="IntersectionManagerApply_btn" size="large" />
<button refID="IntersectionManagerCancel_btn" size="large" />


<toolPalette id="ImportSources_ToolPalette" showItemCaption="true" itemsInRow="1">
<tool refID="ImportSources_ByRectangle_tool" />
<tool refID="ImportSources_ByCircle_tool" />
<tool refID="ImportSources_ByPolygon_tool" />
<tool refID="ImportSelectedSources_btn" />


<toolPalette id="IntersectionsManager_ToolPalette" showItemCaption="true" itemsInRow="1">
<tool refID="IntersectionsManager_ByRectangle_tool" />
<tool refID="IntersectionsManager_ByCircle_tool" />
<tool refID="IntersectionsManager_ByPolygon_tool" />
<tool refID="IntersectionsManager_Selection_btn" />


All the referenced tools have set largeImage and smallImage properties and the image files are marked as "AddInContent" in the project.

During the execution the items in the IntersectionsManager_ToolPalette are drawn using the largeImage 32x32 and they are rendered at the correct size, the items in the ImportSources_ToolPalette are drawn using the largeImage  32x32 but they are rendered small (16x16), shifted to the left and half icon is missing.


Any suggestion?