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Selected features from Feature Service in ArcGIS Pro does not match dataset count

Question asked by Alison.Quinn on Dec 10, 2018

The number of features selectable in a Feature Service does not match the number of features selectable from a dataset hosted from ArcGIS Pro. We cannot determine a reason for this; does anyone have any ideas, details below?


Dataset is obtained from, but this issue is common across other datasets we have.


When selecting all features from the raw data, they are all selected correctly, in the example 1665.



When selecting data from the feature service, a variable result is returned, usually around 1521, with smaller polygons rendered by the Feature Service, but not selected. If the selection is cleared, the small polygons that were not selected are selectable individually.




The configuration of the Feature Service is;


Maximum Number of Records Returned by Server: 2000

Maximum Image Height (pixels): 4096

Maximum Image Width (pixels): 4096

Maximum Number of Coded Domains: 25000

Maximum Sample Size: 100000


We have altered parameters, increasing the number of maximum features to 4000, but we experience the same issue.


When viewing the dataset within Portal, the attribute table returns the correct amount of data, so we believe the right number of features are being rendered, just that ArcGIS Pro doesn’t appear to be able to select them all at once.



Is there a likely cause for this happening?


Many thanks,