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I have several custom extensions written in  I compiled them into a .dll and ran proxygen against the .tlb file to generate a bunch of java proxy classes to expose the extensions outside of the ArcMap application.  I created a Java application that starts up ArcMap, waits until the AppROT says it is running, then performs the initialization that is found in all the java examples.  Then the code uses the ExtensionManager to find the extension that I created (and registered using ESRIRegasm) and calls a method I have on the extension (isRunning(boolean[])).  On my development machine (using eclipse), the code runs fine..ArcMap comes up, I call my method on the extension and it executes as expected.  Now I'm trying to deploy this to a non-development machine and it's not working.  ArcMap comes up, the license initialization code in my Java application is successfull (now...earlier posts described problems there), I find my extension calling the ExtensionManager, but now when I call isRunning, I get an Automation Exception that there is no such interface supported.  Something about the environments must be forcing my issue but I've no clue what it might be.  Can my extensions dll be anywhere I want it?  I've seen something about "well known location" for java extensions but not for a VB dll.  I guess I'm assuming the when you run ESRIRegasm that this allows the code to be able to find what its looking for.  Also, I ran acrosss a lot of information of threading apartments in trying to search for answers but I'm hoping this isn't an issue (especially since it works on my dev machine).  Any help would be greatly appreciated...running out of time to get this working.  Thanks