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Selection halos for ArcPro?

Question asked by zachanderson on Dec 7, 2018

Is there a way to create a selection halo in ArcPro rather than just having the color of the feature change to the selection color? When using the select by attribute feature in ArcPro to select multiple point features that are symbolized as small dots with labels over them, I then press "zoom to" to see where those points are on the map. If the selected points happen to be scattered over a large area, I can't see where the selected points are because the points has just changed color and no selection halo is created. I understand that sometimes the selection halo in ArcMap is annoying because it blocks the view of the actual feature when you zoom in. However, the selection halo is extremely useful when zooming out to smaller scale to see where multiple selected features are within context of your map. The two images are screen captures from ArcMap and ArcPro, both have the exact same data, selected features, symbolization, and same reference scale set. In the ArcPro capture you can't tell where the selected features are. In the the ArcMap capture it's very easy to see where the selected features are.  Does anyone know if there is a way to turn on selection halos in ArcPro?