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ArcGIS Pro and sde layers

Question asked by wildhog on Dec 7, 2018

I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct place.


I'm in the process of comparing ArcGIS Pro to ArcMap and evaluating how to make the switch over. I also use Python scripts to automate some tasks and speed up routine tasks.


I have noticed in ArcGIS Pro, particularly in Python, that sde layer dataset names and connections are showing up differently. In ArcMap and ArcCatalog the layers always show up as schema.layer_name. In ArcGIS Pro I have some layers that show up as schema.layer_name but more often I see them showing up as user.%layer_name. I am using Pro 2.2; this may be something new I don't remember seeing this in earlier versions.


This makes searching for and making changes to layer sources in Python more difficult because two layers with the same source may have two different data source names.


Does anyone know why ArcGIS Pro has this difference?