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I have issues applying the Proportional Symbols, could some one address me?

Question asked by mario.damico on Dec 7, 2018
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Good morning, I'm quite new to ArcGIS Pro and I'm facing an issue applying the Proportional Symbols.
I'm working with ArcGIS Pro 2.2.4 Basic Licence. I have created a feature class and I have added it to the map (the map is projected using the Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere).
If the feature class is empty I cannot apply the Proportional Symbols all the fields are disabled with the warning
"Requested operation could not be completed".
If I create a feature in the layer finally I can apply the symbology. All seems to be fine but when I try to create a new feature in the same layer the template is not available. So I manually create a new template for the feature ("Create all templates" do nothing) and I have the following warning:
"New features may not be visible
Missing symbol
The template value for the layer symbology attribute is incorrect. Change the appropriate value in the template attribute, or change the layer symbology."

Obviously 'width' is the name of the attribute used by the symbology to make it proportional. The attribute is numeric value and it has a default value.

Because I have to generate a symbology template to be imported and applied to other layers, is there a way to have the feature template built automatically like for the other symbologies, also if the feature class is empty?