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Transfer AGOL user from one organization to another

Question asked by kmsmikrud on Dec 6, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2019 by RIDOHGIS


Our organization had numerous ESRI licensing accounts and this year we've been merging license groups under one customer number. 

We are trying to figure out how to associate or transfer an AGOL user and their content to our larger group AGOL organization. We tried to invite the user via the 3rd option in the invite members but the issue it is not a public account but an account associated with an organization so it gives an error, "Your user is already associated with another organization. You cannot join this one."


How can we transfer or move that user to our larger account? Can you change the organization your AGOL account is associated with? It seems this has to be possible isn't it? Yes we can share content thru a group but what we want is to transfer ownership of the web apps/feature services and it shows you can only transfer ownership of content within the same organization.


Thanks in advance!,