Congrats, ESRI, you made license management in AGOL WORSE

Discussion created by goober0 on Dec 6, 2018
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Am I the only AGOL org admin that thinks the new interface for managing licenses while prettier, is much LESS usable than it was before?


It wasn't easy to make it worse, but they found a way. Previously, it was clunky and utilitarian, but it allowed one to find new users that needed licenses assigned to them easily enough, which is something I routinely need to do. It was also easy to assign licenses for all Pro extensions with one click when assigning one for Pro.


Now, there is no way to sort or filter in the LM GUIs to find all users that either don't have a particular license or have never used theirs (sorting by "Last Used" was a trick to find folks with no license previously), and each and every Pro extension has its own separate page for managing licenses! That's 13 licenses in addition to Pro that have to be assigned individually in order to give users "the works"!


I realize all of this can be done with Python scripts and am working towards doing that, but until then my job just got harder, not easier.


Esri, here is a suggestion: what Admins REALLY need is the ability to set default licenses for new Enterprise users at account creation, the same way you made it possible for enabling eLearning and setting credit limits (those were much needed and appreciated enhancements). Essentially just allow us to add to the "Included Licenses" category you've created. If all my new users automatically had Pro with all extensions assigned, I wouldn't have to use the manual License Manager GUI much at all, and wouldn't care how much less usable you make it in future attempts to pretty it up.