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Inbox Query Expression for Related Attributes

Question asked by wysorj on Dec 6, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2018 by fandrade86

I have a AGOL hosted feature layer that has a parent feature class (Repair Locations) and a related child feature class (Paving Cut Details).  There can be one - three paving cuts at each repair location and each paving cut can have a different job status.  If there are three paving cuts at one repair location, there will be three points, each with a different job status.  I only want the Survey123 inbox to display those repair locations that have paving cuts with a job status of 'received'.  However, the job status is an attribute of the paving cut layer and not the repair location layer.  Currently, the inspector sees all repair locations regardless of the status of the related paving cuts.  I have a query set in the bind::esri:parameters column for the correct job status on the related child layer but the inspector has to select a repair location to see if there are any paving cuts with the job status of received.  It would be much better for our inspectors if I could set an inbox query that would only show those repair locations that having paving cuts with a job status of received.  I tried something like this:  RepairLocations.Town='Hartford' AND PavingCutDetails.JobStatus=1 but get a Code 400 Cannot perform query.  Invalid query parameters.  when I refresh my inbox.  Is this a limitation of standardized queries?  Is what I want to do possible?  Thanks.