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Community Profiles via a Story Map?

Question asked by BushtelAdmin on Dec 5, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2018 by BushtelAdmin

G'day All!


There are 63 communities that we would like to display information on ten topics.

The ten topics include AGO web maps and external websites.

The 63 communities would use the same content, just a different extent.


We have a proof of concept for one community using a Map Journal.

The scale of the Story decrease from large to small as the story progresses to provide a spatial context.


Can this be replicated 62 times?


Maybe I'm after something like a Shortlist Story that then links to a Map Journal for each location.

Or a Story format that has a pick list like a Dashboard.

The journal text would be populated from a database that is updated about once a week.

The story should be focused on each community, so a ten tabbed Map Series is undesirable.


Bonus points if the above can be done out of the box or at least hosted on AGO.


Worst case would be to link to a PDF file of the ten pages of content, losing all the interactivity and still potentially needing to update the 63 PDF regularly.


Medium case would be to link Story back to existing profiles:

NTG - BushTel : Maningrida 


Open to suggestions / ideas


Thanks for your time