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Canot acess  ArcGIS portal  on mobile / Err_connection_timed_out

Question asked by mehrajQureshi1982 on Dec 5, 2018

We have installed  ArcGIS Enterprise on  Widows 7 , I can acess ArcGIS portal on all machines in our local network , However when i tried to open the arcgis portal on android mobile i could access the home page , but i get  time our error when i hit on my organisation  /maps or any  another Tab. While longing in on the portal i added my built in portal credentials (Remember me option checked )and i got the same  time out Error,but i again entered homepage URL and i see myself logged in .Again i tried to access any other tab /application  on portal but every time i get the same Err_connection_timed_out . In the following screen short i tried to access my organisation page on Arcgis portal and i get the same error "Err_connection_timed_out"

Please help me out ,