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Hosted feature layers / role recommendations

Question asked by annette.farrell_stedin on Dec 4, 2018

Question 1: Is there a way of limiting the amount of data that can be published as a hosted layer in Portal? I don’t see anything here:

Publish hosted feature layers—Portal for ArcGIS | ArcGIS Enterprise 


Question 2: Would you recommend a separate hosting server in this scenario?

We are running Portal for ArcGIS 10.6.1 with 940 users. 700 viewers. 140 users that can publish hosted layers. 110 via Portal and 30 via ArcGIS Pro.  At the moment we have one Portal federated to one AGS server (4 core license) with the config stores and data store sharing the same NAS.


The environment is hosting business critical processes.


Question 3: Role recommendations

We are revisiting our roles and privileges after 3 months live and it is difficult to reach a consensus in our devops team.


  • Some staff want to leave the 140 users with hosted publishing rights and grant full publishing rights to many others. The risk here is that users will publish millions of electric and gas assets to the data store that are not refreshed and the NAS will zoon be full.
  • Others want to turn off hosted feature layers and allow the devops team only to publish authoritative server based services with the data in SDE. No hosted feature layers.
  • And there are others in the middle that want to designate Publishers in the organisation that can publish server based services that can be shared only with groups. The data would also be stored in SDE. Services shared with the entire organisation will be taken into maintenance by the devops team. No hosted feature layers.


We we will double viewers and treble users in 6 months to a year.


Do you have any thoughts and recommends on the above?