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How to assign areas of raster intersecting with polygons

Question asked by jgrellier1 on Dec 4, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2018 by Dan_Patterson
I have a raster data set of land cover and a set of residential addresses (points). It looks something like this:
Some buffers around residential addresses, overlaid on a raster of land cover

I want to find out what percentage of each land cover type is within 1km of each address (i.e. in a 1km buffer around each point).


Were the land cover also a polygon, it would be no problem to use the intersect tool. However, that doesn't work with raster data. My raster data is too large to convert into polygons.

The raster data clipped to the individual polygons

The table I need to output should contain the ID of the buffer and the areas covered by each land cover type within that buffer.


I realise that this may be an extremely basic problem, but I'd very much appreciate any suggestions for appropriate tools I might use. Many thanks in advance.