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How to have a multicolor polyline?

Question asked by TMPTMP on Dec 4, 2018

I would like to have a polyline which shows an object's path and then have the color represent its speed. Is there a way to do this with ArcGIS's polyline class?


I could split the trajectory into segments and then color each segment individually, but that seems like a horribly inefficient process, both to program and to display. The trajectories could last days and the data points could come several times a second[*].


Preferred language is Qt/QML, but since the API is pretty consistent across languages a solution in any language will be okay.


[*]I understand that naively drawing hundreds of thousands of points is going to have poor performance no matter what. The point is to show that there are going to be so many data points that it's really not an option to just discretize the line into its smallest chunks.