Create seperate routes at same time.

Discussion created by tvictor3145 on Feb 18, 2011
Hello Community,

I am wondering, does anyone know if there is a way to use the "Find Route" tool, or ANY OTHER tool, besides network analyst (do not have liscense), to display multiple routes at a time.  For example, i have a dataset that contains rows with one origin and one destination in each row.  I want to show the route from that origin to that destination using the freeway or road system as my route and then hit the next row and do the same thing.  I have already figured out how to connect them with straight lines, now i want to be able to do that with lines that follow the roads.

I have been using the "Find route" tool that uses the North America 10.0 Locator and the ArcGIS Online routing service to create small number of different routes but you can only have the two stops (origin and dest) in the window at the same time so it takes quite awhile to create a significant number of routes. 

If it is also possible, can the Find Route tool be used in model builder some way , or does anyone know if there is a script for it so i can iterate through O and D pairs (possibly based on a unique id) and automatically create a number of routes?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!