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Split interval and assign name

Question asked by 20800563 on Dec 3, 2018

I have road network file, CSD coordinates and border coordinates for Canada. I combined three file in ArcMap and to find which border is closer to the CSD coordinates, I calculated shortest path from each CSD coordinates to Canada/US borders. I know that which border they are using to go USA from Canada for each CSD coordinates.

After finding shortest path for each CSD coordinates, I want to split line (shortest path) equally.Then, I want to assign name for each intervals (interval 1, interval 2, interval 3.....) After that, I would like to create data from Arcmap that will assign 1 if interval is used (One interval can instersect with different shortest path) and 0 is not used to go from CSD coordinate to the Canada/US border by using shortest path.

My aim is to see which intervals are used to arrive in border by using shortest path. Some intervals can be used several times.

I am unsure which step should I follow to create this data. Can I get this data from ArcMap ?

Any guidance will be appreciated!!