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Editing secured services and related tables

Question asked by cbsmugla on Dec 3, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2018 by Steven_Ramirez-esristaff

I am using Arcgis server and portal 10.6 in my company.

Also we make web applications with web appbuilder developer editon.


we are using to secure our services with windows domain users with non federated server-portal, and works fine with web appbuilder aplications, so i want to ask that;


i have a feature layer and two related tables.


A Point Feature Layer,

B related Table with A point feature layer

C related table with B Table



our aim is one user from active directory can edit A layer and B table with wab edit or smart edit widget

Other user can edit only C table by seeing A layer and B table wab edit or smart edit widget in same application


How can i do this proccess with my web application



Arcgis server and Portal 10.6

Web Appbuilder Dev. Ed.2.10

Windows Server 2016

MS SQL 2016