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The feature service does not support geodatabase sync

Question asked by devkhatri1 on Dec 2, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2018 by devkhatri1

I am working on an android app that should have offline capabilities like getting map and edit the features. I have access to just ArcGIS online and ArcGIS developer portal. I do not have the ArcGIS Desktop access.


I am using Android Run-time SDK to achieve this, I have created map area for the web map in ArcGIS online and through SDK I can fetch the map-area but I am not able to generate the Geo-database for the feature. It gives me a run time exception "The feature service does not support geodatabase sync" .


Following line is giving me Runtime Exception:

GenerateGeodatabaseParameters parameters = defaultParameters.get();

 I am stuck at this point, not able to proceed further, need to know if I am missing any configuration or is there any other way to achieve this.