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Upgraded annotation doesn't work in ArcMap

Question asked by ksjosh82 on Nov 30, 2018

I upgraded my annotation so that I could edit it in Pro.  I was aware that there were implications to doing this but chose not to do a back (my fault).  I thought I read that the annotation would not be editable in ArcMap but discovered that it is also not viewable in ArcMap.  This wouldn't be a problem except that currently in Pro you cannot publish to an ArcGIS Server.  I know there is an idea and its in the product plan but does anyone have a thought about a way to workaround this issue until Pro gains that ability.  I saw it might not be until next year's UC.  I looked into doing it as a hosted service but I must have messed something up as it is not working correctly.  And that takes credits.  I really wish Esri would find a way to at least make the upgraded annotation viewable in ArcMap so that I can continue to use it.