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Export Raster to AutoCAD Map

Question asked by vtminer on Nov 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2020 by jgatlin_com

I will fully admit starting off that I am not an ESRI pro by any means.  While I've got 20+ years operating CAD, I've only had a few months to "play" with Arc Pro.  That said, I do (or at least it's supposed to be installed) have the CAD Toolbox with my Arc Pro subscription.


My dilemma is importing TIFF files into AutoCAD Map.  I downloaded a bunch of historical mine maps from the KY Mine Mapping Information System (Kentucky Mine Mapping Information System).  Their entire GIS system appears to be ESRI based and, as far as I can tell, all maps downloaded are supposed to be georeferenced.


My issue is getting these into AutoCAD Map.  There's no way around this as the remainder of the project has to be completed using mine planning software that runs through AutoCAD itself.  They import into Arc Pro fine.  That is to say, they not only import where they are supposed to be but also are scaled properly too.  


Right now, I have been able to get images exported from Arc Pro but when I bring them into AutoCAD, they come in at the origin (not georeferenced) and are not scaled.  Add to this that I'm importing the files in NAD83 but need to export them/transform them to NAD27.  Any help would be appreciated.