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Defined range symbology in line feature

Question asked by rudinirudini on Nov 29, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2018 by dknolan


so i have line feature as base data. i want to add attribute table with the data similar with the attachment 

so far i know arcgis cant make merge cell in attribute field so i decide to make 3 columns in the table attribute (see attachment below).

the values are in percentage..


so my questions is:

if i want to set the symbology coloring using the range of percentage 0-100% using that data available is it possible to do?

because when i tried to classify it using the symbology method, it only show the data which available in my case in my case it will show something like this..

i cant set the range to zero and divide the class into 10 classes (i want to divided by 10% to each class)


i was try to converting the data to raster file but in the end it cant show the attribute table and the values gone crazy


*extra question: is it possible in arcgis if we want to show the 2 fields symbology at the same time by using another field? my point in my case is if select "progress" field it will show the "plan" field and "constructed" field symbology at the same time


im using arcGIS 10.2 desktop..


thanks for your help