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WAB (Dev Edition) Barrirers not working

Question asked by diegonegron on Nov 30, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2019 by diegonegron

I am using WAB (Developer Edition) to create web maps. I have a custom Geocoding Service and a custom routing service for these web maps. I have the directions tool set up for these web maps and routing works without any issues. However, If I try to add a barrier nothing happens. In the Console I receive the following error:

init.js:formatted:33882 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'spatialReference' of undefined
    at init.js:formatted:33882
    at Object.forEach (init.js:formatted:1664)
    at Object.geodesicLengths (init.js:formatted:33880)
    at Object.<anonymous> (Directions.js:716)
    at Object.onDrawComplete (init.js:formatted:1503)
    at Object._drawEnd (Directions.js:546)
    at Object._onMouseUpHandler (Directions.js:559)
    at Object.<anonymous> (init.js:formatted:1503)
    at Object.c [as onMouseUp] (init.js:formatted:3049)
    at Object._fire (init.js:formatted:32744)


Is there a setting I am missing? My data and all my maps are in JGD 15.