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select_one_external choices not available (Survey123 Connect)

Question asked by ByronTsang on Nov 30, 2018
Latest reply on May 18, 2020 by luis420

I have a long picklist of plant species (approx 3500 options to select from) that I have to choose from several dozen times in an ecology survey form. The selection from this question in turn pulls data from another external .csv file to feed various attributes to other calculate fields.


When I include this full list in the standard "Choices" worksheet and use the select_one field type, the survey takes AGES to load. To avoid this problem, I have made use of the select_one_external field type and added the required external_choices worksheet. It's worth noting, I forced the choice_filter field by setting my entire list to a constant, since I don't have any applicable cascading select field that would help me thin the list out. This has dramatically reduced the load time for the survey but now the autocomplete pulldown doesn't work! The field shows up in the survey preview but I cannot select it or choose any options.


Anybody have any suggestions??