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Is there a code to auto populate a field with alphanumeric values in ascending order?

Question asked by Clayton.Gordon on Nov 29, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2018 by jborgion

I have a field named FacilityID and it contains alphanumeric values that need to be populated in ascending order.  Our current work flow involves "X-ing out" the last four digits, then sorting the field in ascending order, and then finally going one by one and manually filling them in.  For example: 

FacilityID                                                        FacilityID

S-LL-L18-1002                                              S-LL-L18-1002

S-LL-L18-1003                                              S-LL-L18-1003

S-LL-L18-1004                                              S-LL-L18-1004

S-LL-L18-1005     ----------------------------->    S-LL-L18-1005

S-LL-L18-xxxx                                               S-LL-L18-1006

S-LL-L18-xxxx                                               S-LL-L18-1007

S-LL-L18-xxxx                                               S-LL-L18-1008


Is there a code that can auto populate the last four digits in ascending order? We would also need to specify which number the auto populate will begin at; in this case it would be starting at 1006 and then +1 after that.