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Maintaining Pop-Up Colors from AGOL to Brackets

Question asked by DougHaller on Nov 29, 2018

Hello All,

I notice that when I compare pop-up Pie Charts between my agol map/hosted feature layer and in live preview using Brackets, the colors of the pie slices change.  I was under the impression that when I entered a feature layer ID inton JavaScript that I would see the same color scheme for the pie charts because I defined those when creating the hosted feature layer...


I have replaced the with the ID of my map and it replicates perfectly with respect to popups except that the pie slice colors change.


Here's the code I used to access the feature layer

var featureLayer = new FeatureLayer({  portalItem: {   id: “ ” //replace w/ your own layer ID  } });  map.add(featureLayer);

The two images, attached, show the different colors I get when looking at the map or web  app via AGOL vs the live preview in brackets.  


Thank in advance!