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How to use .Net publish arcgis server 10.5 services and How to add layer to published service ?

Question asked by 353913 on Nov 28, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2018 by 353913
My Development Environment :
arcgis : arcgis desktop 10.5 / arcgis server 10.5
database : sql server 2012
program language : C# .Net
library : ArcObjects .NET 10.5 SDK
My Requirement :
1. Use. Net to develop an application.
2. This application can read .mxd document and publish to arcgis server.(MapServer And FeatureServer)
2.1 This application can modify .mxd document .
2.2 This application can modify configure parameters or settings
3. This application can publish map services(MapServer And FeatureServer) without .mxd document.(use code to build similar .mxd)
4. This application can add layer to published service.
5. This application can delete layer from published service.
It would be highly appreciated if you could point me to a right direction.