VS 2008 Combo Box question

Discussion created by LokionNitrox on Feb 18, 2011
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I've been mucking with this for too long, so anyone who wants to slap me about the back of the head with this would be greatly appreciated.

I've got a method that is calling out and returning an object[] of my coded value domain descriptions and I would like to push that to a combo box that is part of a dockable window that is a component of an editor extension add-in that I'm building
        public object[] GetDomainValues(String codedvaluedomain)
            IWorkspace ws = (IWorkspace)ArcMap.Editor.EditWorkspace;
            if(ws == null)
                ws = OpenSDEWorkspace("server", "5151", "database", "version", "user", "pass");
            IWorkspaceDomains domains = (IWorkspaceDomains)ws;
            object[] domainobject = null;

                IEnumDomain domainEnum = domains.Domains;
                IDomain domain = domainEnum.Next();
                String name = "";

                while (domain != null)
                    name = domain.Name;
                    domain = domainEnum.Next();
                    if (name.Equals(codedvaluedomain))
                ICodedValueDomain codeddomain = new CodedValueDomainClass();
                codeddomain = domains.get_DomainByName(name) as ICodedValueDomain;
                domainobject = new object[codeddomain.CodeCount];

                for (int a = 0; a < codeddomain.CodeCount; a++)
                    object domainvalue = codeddomain.get_Value(a);
                    String domainvaluename = codeddomain.get_Name(a);
                    domainobject.SetValue(domainvaluename, a);
            return domainobject;

the problem I keep running into is trying to create the entire array as a new object[] on start up/ or at some points even compiling.

I'm attempting to access in this manner:
this.mydomaincombobox.DataSource = this.utils.GetDomainValues(stringcodeddomainname);