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Can I not mix coordinate systems in Drone2Map?

Question asked by huffmanp on Nov 28, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2018 by huffmanp

I am using Drone2Map 1.3.2.  I have a collection of photos that were collected with a drone flight that are in WGS 84.  I ran them without the ground control points and got some nice looking mosaics and surfaces. Then I tried another Drone2Map project with the same photos, and this time tried to add the ground control points provided in a CSV.  They are in Washington StatePlane South.  They map in Arc Map correctly as Washington State Plane South.  Drone2Map import GCPs into project seems 
to get the understand the horizontal coordinate system, and the Sample Record seems to show that the CVS fields were read in correctly. Dropbox - gcp.PNG   But I can only get "There are no GCPs that fall within the project area. Please Check your spatial reference and verify your latitude and longitude are correct. "   What did I miss?  Do I need to convert the GCPs to WSG 84?


I brought the State Plane CSV points into Arcmap as XY events, reprojected them to WGS 84,  ran the AddXY tool on them, exported them back to CSV, and then imported the GCPs back into D2M.  The field mappings had to be adjusted a little to use the new WGS 84 field mappings,  but the points imported fine.  Created my links and I'm currently running this again to see how much the control points help the products.