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Question asked by progis99 on Nov 28, 2018
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Is there a way for me to get grasp of concepts for each labels in the Label Manager ?  I am having a hard time to understand the difference between this and that...  I looked at the ESRI for their instructions on Placement Properties and here is the link I go to here: Essential labeling concepts—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 


It lacks to show you the visual or examples how it works for each because without that it takes a lot of time to effort to get it right. Sometimes when I made the  changes the labels don't show up or doesn't work and it just goes back and forth...trying to figure it out..


I have google around to find this  and I am out of luck..


So maybe someone out there can suggest me to go to a website that can help me out ?


Dan Patterson 

Joshua Bixby



Feeling frustrated here...