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What is the algorithm to generate interpolation surfaces of the independent variables using GWR?

Question asked by noamdsystematics-co-il-esridist Employee on Nov 27, 2018

When using GWR, based on point data, to conduct spatial analysis, interpolation surfaces are also generated for the explanatory, independent, variables.

In the "how GWR works" page (How GWR works—Help | ArcGIS Desktop ), it is stated that "Parameter estimates and predicted values for GWR are computed using the following spatial weighting function: exp(-d^2/b^2)."


From this description it is not clear if predicted values refers to the entire interpolated surface, or only to the specific point locations provided by the layers of the (point) independent variables.

Moreover, it is not clear from the above equations what do "b" and "d" refer to.


Thus, I would like to kindly inquire what is the algorithm / procedure used to generate the interpolations surfaces of the independent variables.


Thanks in advance.


Lauren Bennett Spatial Statistics