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Arrange tools on Custom Ribbon

Question asked by bulla_b on Nov 28, 2018
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Just wondering what the best way would be to arrange tools on a Custom Ribbon.  There doesn't seem to be a way for the end-user to do it through the ArcPro GUI, so does this have to be done through DAML code??


Here is what I currently have;  one custom ribbon, divided into two groups.  The first group (Map Tools) I'd like to arrange alphabetically in ASC order.  The second group I would like to arrange in a specific order specified by the numbers in the pic.


For either group, tools will be added going forward, so I'd like the first group to remain alphabetic and then be able to squeeze tools into the right place for the second group as I create them.



I create each tool as a separate VS2015 project.  The toolbar is it's own project.  In each tool I create I have a DAML <dependancies> setup so that things get loaded onto the toolbar after the toolbar loads.


    <dependency name="{9466cc69-3fce-4774-8134-d94377460abd}" />
    <!-- id of "DSM_Toolbar_ArcPro" -->


Then I also have code to place each tool into the proper group.


    <updateModule refID="DSM_Toolbar_ArcPro_Module">
        <updateGroup refID="Editing_Tools_group">
          <insertButton refID="ToFromTool_ArcPro_btnToFromTool"></insertButton>


I'm stuck at trying to figure out how to get the buttons in the order I desire.