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WebGISDR backup issues

Question asked by Guus.Klaas_stedin on Nov 27, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2018 by JQuinn-esristaff

I'm currently part of a team responsible for the ArcGIS ecosystem in one of the larger DSO's in The Netherlands, and little over a year ago we decided to professionalize our platform. So far this has been a massive success, from a random/loose environment with a server, some flex-apps, and "a dude" managing this all on a friday afternoon, we embraced Web-GIS, with a core dev/ops scrum team, and multiple teams developing on the ArcGIS platform; about 2500 pieces of content (on Enterprise 10.6.1), over 1000 named users "in use", and a multitude coming through internal OAuth apps... (some of our data is in reach for ~3.7mln users) long story short: a blazing success for the web GIS strategy, and we're far from done...


A long standing issue is our backup strategy... WebGISDR has proven unstable, unreliable, and unable to do certain scenarios (such as restoring one layer). And recently it even stopped working...


For some reason our logs are littered with:


Failed to export site. Export of the Portal repository failed. Failed to take a base backup of a PostgreSQL Database.


I wouldn't be a system design associate if I didn't understand some of the deeper workings of ArcGIS Portal (and frankly, ran a backup myself with pgdump), and looking through Portal's PostgreSQL logs it seems webgisdr is simply trying to use the wrong credentials (even though datastore, federated ArcGIS servers, and the portal content dir itself backup fine)... We're getting the following log entries in Portal's internal postgresql db, coinciding with the backup action itself:

2018-11-20 05:57:00 PST: [4728]: FATAL:  no pg_hba.conf entry for host "", user "ARCGIS", database "ARCGIS", SSL off


This... completely puzzles me... and brings me to the following questions...


  • Aside webgisdr (which for our scale & requirements is nothing more than a glorified auto-walarchive-cleaner), are there any other recommended backup workflows? We're doing a lot manual now, and trying to build our "enterprise vetted" content in a CI/CD process (using Microsoft Azure Devops).
  • How do we convince webgisdr to get its database connection right?


Note: I can replicate this behaviour with the portals /portal/portaladmin/exportSite function