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Create custom widget using "esri/core/accessorSupport/decorators" esri module of version 4.9 and "dijit/_WidgetBase" version 1.11 of dijit module.

Question asked by harishp_Chetu on Nov 27, 2018

i am facing issue with below mentioned code:
/// <amd-dependency path="esri/core/tsSupport/declareExtendsHelper" name="__extends" />
/// <amd-dependency path="esri/core/tsSupport/decorateHelper" name="__decorate" />

import { subclass, declared} from "esri/core/accessorSupport/decorators";


import Evented = require("dojo/Evented");
import _WidgetBase = require("dijit/_WidgetBase");


import ToggleState = require("./ToggleState");

class SmallToggleButtonViewModel extends declared(_WidgetBase, Evented) {

//Getting error Base constructor must all have the Same return type




Can any one help me?


thanks in advance.