Ecosystem Services in GeoPlanner

Discussion created by neil.42 on Nov 27, 2018
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I am interested in using GeoPlanner to assess and plan for ecosystem services at a local scale (a very large urban university). 

When I say ecosystem services I am most interested in things such as Carbon Sequestration (or production), Amount of Tree Canopy/vegetation, Storm Water attenuation (runoff curve #), and Amount of Greenspace for recreation/cultural use. 


As we plan at our university we have somewhat "competing" interests.  We have sustainability goals which call for us to be carbon neutral (in the future) and for us to increase the ecosystem services our campus provides (among other goals).  But we also have plans to grow, develop, and build (a lot of times on existing greenspace).  I am really interested in providing our staff with a tool that would allow them to create scenarios for development and see the impacts on things like carbon, trees, and stormwater.  


I'm sure I can slowly develop all of this over time, but I was curious if anyone has already dabbled in this or if the GeoPlanner team has any plans for templates in this area of interest. Thoughts?   


Thanks for any help you can provide, 


Andrew Neil