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ArcMap symbols are not shown in ArcGIS Server Map Service

Question asked by valraa on Nov 27, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2019 by valraa

I have problems with a simbology in a linear layer.

I defined the symbology using the "Categories -> Unique values, many fields" strategy in ArcMap.

One of the two fields I am using is named STYLE and has only two values: VERTICAL and DEVIATED.

VERTICAL defines lines which have vertical geometries, i.e. coincident XY coordinates and different Z coordinates.

I defined the style in a way that is working fine in ArcMap, but after I published the mxd with this layer and this symbology to ArcGIS Server as a Map Service, the VERTICAL lines are not displayed.

Here is how I defined the symbology (e.g. for values Dry, VERTICAL):

In ArcMap I zoom in to a "Dry, VERTICAL" feature and I see it correctly.

From ArcGIS Online I visualize my Map Service and zoom in the same zone but I can't see the feature (only a label is displayed but this stays in another layer):

Also, look at the difference in the legend from AGOL:


Looking at the service details in REST, here is what I see:


Drawing Info:


Unique Value Renderer:
Field 2: Edison.DBO.ITA_WELLS.STYLE 
Field 3: null 
Field Delimiter: 
Default Symbol:


Default Label: null 

      • Value: Dry,DEVIATED 
        Label: Dry, DEVIATED 

Style: esriSLSSolid 
Color: [0, 0, 0, 255] 
Width: 1

      • Value: Dry,VERTICAL 
        Label: Dry, VERTICAL 

Style: esriSLSSolid 
Color: [0, 0, 0, 255] 
Width: 18


The version of ArcMap is 10.6, that of ArcGIS Server is 10.6.

Anything I am missing?