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Open mmpk files from network locations gives ErrorCode 1014

Question asked by on Nov 26, 2018



I'm working with mmpk files in my runtime 100.2 c# application.


1) This works: a locally stored mmpk file, for example c:\\test.mmpk

2) This does not work: a mmpk file stored on a network drive, for example \\mynas\test..mmpk

3) This does not work either: a mmpk file stored on a mapped network drive, for example y:\\test.mmpk, where Y =\\mynas


I would expect 2 and 3 to work. My alternative would be to take a copy runtime and then delete it after usage, but is that how it's meant to be (that would have a negative performance impact, I guess)?


The exception caught in 2 is: Unable to open the database file: Cannot oped database using uzip-wfs (ErrorCode 1014)


The exception caught in 3 is: ""Unable to find the specified file." and inner exception: {"File not found: Y:\\\\demo1123.mmpk":null}



Thomas Lindegaard