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I am using Network Analyst functionality for generating driving directions in our customized routing GIS application. The worker process is parsing generated XML in order to provide some fine adjustments to the custom Directions window look and feel. When building a network dataset, one can get option of specifying the administrative area field (aka Crossing border field) which will be used when generating a new route (stop-to-stop). Each of the available system enumerations in the driving directions has a specified name and a function as below:

The esriDirectionsManeuverType enumeration has the following values:
�?� esriDMTUnknown - This indicates an unknown type of maneuver.
�?� esriDMTStop - This indicates a direction at a stop.
�?� esriDMTStraight - Go straight.
�?� esriDMTBearLeft - Bear left.
�?� esriDMTBearRight - Bear right.
�?� esriDMTTurnLeft - Turn left.
�?� esriDMTTurnRight - Turn right.
�?� esriDMTSharpLeft - Make a sharp left turn.
�?� esriDMTSharpRight - Make a sharp right turn.
�?� esriDMTUTurn - Make a U-turn.
�?� esriDMTFerry - Arrive at a ferry.
�?� esriDMTRoundabout - Enter a traffic circle.
�?� esriDMTHighwayMerge - Merge onto a highway.
�?� esriDMTHighwayExit - Exit a highway.
�?� esriDMTHighwayChange - The highway changes name.
�?� esriDMTForkCenter - Go through the center fork.
�?� esriDMTForkLeft - Fork left.
�?� esriDMTForkRight - Fork right.
�?� esriDMTDepart - Depart a stop.
�?� esriDMTTripItem - Trip item.
�?� esriDMTEndOfFerry - Depart a ferry

When parsing the generated XML driving directions, Crossing border information (i.e., �?�You are in municipality X now�?�) is getting enumeration esriDMTUnknown. It makes sense, since it is not really a maneuver yet I cannot find any other enumeration (http://resources.esri.com/help/9.3/arcgisengine/ArcObjects/esriNetworkAnalyst/NetworkAnalystObjectModel.pdf - Enumerations section) that I could use to assign as administrative boundaries crossing information. It is OK so far, because it is only one driving directions element that ends up in the esriDMTUnknown. But it will be rather troublesome when I get several driving instructions elements on the esriDMTUnknown type, because I would be not able to parse the XML correctly.

What would you suggest? Is there a specific enumeration type for crossing administrative boundary information in Network Analyst Object Model?