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Enforcement of TLS 1.2 and Legacy Flex Apps

Question asked by MDFancher1 on Nov 26, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2018 by randall_williams-esristaff

Hello. We have a couple legacy apps built using the ArcGIS Flex API (versions 2.5 & 3.3). With the upcoming change to ArcGIS Online to enforce the use of TLS 1.2, should I be concerned that these older versions of flex may not be able to access ArcGIS Online services? Or will would you expect the apps to work just fine provide the client/browser supports TLS 1.2? Finally, would disabling everything but TLS 1.2 on the client viewing the maps be a reliable way to confirm they'll continue to work normally post Feb 2019?


Thanks in advance!