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Geocoder that geocodes addresses to the wrong place.

Question asked by rwierda_sg on Nov 23, 2018

Hi all,


I am creating a geocoder for my city and have gotten it mostly built and corrected.  There are a few addresses that are not working, but I cannot see why.  Here is a picture of my map showing lines from the actual location of the addresses to the location that they geocode to. 

I am using a US Dual range geocoder using an internal roads layer.  I have attached two excel files for the reference road attribution.  The one called NoGeocodePoints contains the attributes of the roads that should have addresses located on them but do not.  The one called GeocodedAlongHere contains the attributes of the roads that the addresses geocoded to but should not have.


Finally the attachment called AddressesThatAreGeocodedWrong contains the addresses that are behaving in a way that I do not expect.


Below is an image showing the field mapping in the geocoder.  If you cannot see the field, the value is null.


Thank you for your time, I appreciate the extra eyeballs on this issue.