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Related table creation by Survey123 Connect

Question asked by kmayall on Nov 23, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2018 by JHasthorpe-esristaff

I am trying to create a survey of asset inspections from an existing asset feature service with the inspections in a related table.  I don't want to edit the features, just add/edit related inspections.


Ismael Chivite indicates in this 2017 UC workshop video that Survey123 Connect can be used to create tables in ArcGIS Online.  Survey123 for ArcGIS: Advanced Topics - YouTube 

Using Survey123 Connect, can you create a survey from an existing feature service, then add a set of repeat questions, and then publish the survey to create the related table in the feature service?

I have seen the instructions to delete the questions from the feature service, delete the begin repeat and end repeat, and set the form_id in the settings, but whenever I try to publish the survey, it says that the related table is not found.  Of course, it does not yet exist against the feature service because I thought Survey123 Connect would create it.  Do I have to create the related table myself?