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How to format Arcade expression in AGOL to show labels for only select features in a layer?

Question asked by LIOChelseyKnuth on Nov 21, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by auvu_COWI

I am working on a web map in AGOL showcasing an interior floor plan for a building. Only one of the building's floors is currently added to the map, but others will be added as they become available.


Features in the floor plan polygon layer have been symbolized by their unique values in the "Category" field (office, conference room, bathroom, corridor, etc.) There are seventeen different 'categories' in all, and three of them are column, partition, and wall. While I want these three features to be displayed/symbolized along with the others in the map, I do not want them to be labeled.


What should my Arcade expression look like in the Custom Expression window of 'Manage Labels' if I want features in the Floor_Plans layer to be labeled by Category EXCEPT if that category is "Column" or "Partition" or "Wall" ?


Thank you!