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Changing labels in ArcGIS API 3.x not working on one layer after publish

Question asked by lorieme on Nov 20, 2018

    Recently (after moving GIS data to an upgraded SDE server), one of the layers (Parcels) in our ArcGIS API 3.16 application won't change labels based on a user selection.  The user can select any other attribute from the layer to use as a label.

    When I run the Visual Studio solution (in Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 11), the labels for this layer DO change based on a user selection.



1. Is there something in the way the solution is published that would prevent the DrawingOptions to stop working?  For example, users who have Windows 8.1 or greater have experienced other labeling issues. 

    a.  Note:  Other layers (points, lines, and polygons) in the same web application DO change labels.

2. Would there be something in SDE regarding this GIS feature class that we should research?