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Why are photo attachments saved out of order?

Question asked by emily_renkema on Nov 20, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2018 by emily_renkema

I haven't had any issues with taking photos or using them in reports, but I am having an issue with the the order the photos are stored in.



I took 20 photos, but they are stored in a mixed up order in Server. I built a workflow in a Geocortex application that lets our water resources folks create soil erosion inspection reports. It's important to them that the photos display in the order they were taken, since they like their customers to be able to follow the photos around their site in a logical order. I just don't get the logic it's using to sort them. They're not ordered by name, date/time stamp, size or object ID. Can anyone shed light o this subject, along with suggestions for getting them in the right chronological order? 

I tried asking in Collector, but I found that when pictures are taken in Collector they're in the right order, but it's when I look in rest endpoint in Server that they're mixed up. If I sign out and back in again to Collector, they're in the mixed up order again. Thanks in advance!