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Error 31 on conditional formatting report

Question asked by chrisjmb on Nov 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2018 by chrisjmb

I'm getting a curious error when generating reports in Survey123. When I use a conditional element to have the report return an answer depending on whether "yes" or "no" is selected I get a "Failed Object ID 31" and the message: "Error occurred when rendering by the report engine." FWIW, here's the conditional element in my custom report: 


${if PermitCoverageLetter == “Yes”} Permit coverage letter is onsite. ${/} ${if PermitCoverageLetter == “No”} Permit coverage letter is not onsite. ${/}


However, I only get that error on one of two almost identical surveys. (Same questions, different format.) The survey that errors out has three "pages" in the survey. See attached. This broke the functionality of the "How to Edit Word Document" in the beta reports function. I can no match a question to a field name code. The three "questions" that I see in that field are actually pages, not questions. It's not possible to expand them to see the actual questions. See attached. Any idea what's going on?