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Public Sharing Role when Public Sharing is Disabled

Question asked by beradftzr on Nov 20, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2018 by cfernandes-esristaff

I'm working in a local government as an administrator for our ArcGIS Online account. Recently, we have made a decision to disallow regular users to share content publicly (this is a setting you can change in the 'Security' tab of your Organization Settings).


This change is working as intended, we are requesting our users to update the item description before changing the ownership to the main account - the data is more comprehensively detailed and outside users recognize the authoritative Government source versus 'joe schmoe's Zoning layer'.


However, this is the meat of my question: With the public-sharing option disabled, is there a way to establish a customized Role to be able to publish content without the use of an administrative account? I have tested it with a custom role (settings attached) I made but it did not work as intended, the public sharing was still not allowed. We have public safety personnel who would need to post public content in the case of emergency, after hours, etc.


Custom Role I tested