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Hidden Fields - Domain issue

Question asked by Anu.Sawant_PDP on Nov 19, 2018
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I have created Health and Safety Survey. In my survey there are some fields not required to be seen on field app but need to be filled after report submitted. What I have done so far is:

1)  I have created the entire survey in Survey123 and publish it to portal. 

2) Then I have deleted those fields which doesn't  required in field app and republish the Survey.

3) Now I can see only those fields which I want in field app and all fields in feature service/related table.

4) To update the other fields I have created web app.

But the issues I am facing now are:

1) I cant edit records in related table by using Smart Editor Widget in Portal 10.6 (I cant view the table icon in anywhere in the configuration),works fine with Edit widget.

2) I cant see any domain for the hidden fields while editing .


Not sure what I am missing. Can someone help me with it.